The main target groups of the project are divided in two groups. From the one hand there are the Roma children that are going to participate in the activities of the pre-school centers who are the final beneficiaries of the results of the project. In this group they are included also more generally the Roma communities that are going to benefit from the implementation of the project. It is expected that at least 80 Roma children will participate in the piloting in the whole partnership (20 children in each country). It is also expected that at least one Roma association will be involved in each country in order to be the contact between the Roma children and the project. Intermediary organizations (such as NGOs working with Roma) can also be included in this category. The aim is to reach 2 intermediary organizations per country. On the other hand, an important target group are the intercultural intermediators that are going to organize, facilitate and monitor the activities that will take place in the pre-school centers. It is expected that 2 intercultural intermediators (one Roma and one non-Roma) are going to participate in the piloting from each country (8 intercultural intermediators totally). In this target group they are also included the trainers that will train the intercultural intermediators. It is expected that one trainer is going to participate in the piloting from each country. Finally, a separate target group are the stakeholders that are going to be involved (registration in the stakeholders’ network) in the national stakeholders’ networks.  These stakeholder networks are going to involve Roma communities, training institutions, pedagogical experts and policy makers (local and national authorities). There is a target to involve at least 1 Roma community, 3 training institutions, 3 pedagogical experts and 2 policy makers per country.

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